We believe that education is the strongest weapon we have to fight rape culture and sexual violence! Sexual violence hurts everyone in a community, not just survivors. And it’s everyone’s responsibility to be educated and accountable in this fight. So happy learning! We stand with survivors. We stand with bystanders. And we hope you stand with us.

To find a local rape crisis center:

To find your Title IX coordinator:

To learn more about sexual assault, find resources, and get involved:

Title IX legislation that protects students from gender based violence and discrimination is being ignored and violated at countless colleges across America. While many schools are under investigation, most people are still uneducated about their rights on campus. Title IX is a law that applies to all kinds of gender based discrimination, including sports among other things, and also including sexual assault. If you believe that your school mishandled your case, you have the right to file a Title IX complaint. You can find more information here: